Motorcycle Photography

custom honda cx500 side detail motorcycle  photography C

Lukasz has a passion for cars and motorcycles. It is a personal passion as well as a professional one.

There are fewer motorcycle photographers which makes it that much more of a niche than high end car photography. So it follows that great motorcycle photography is harder to find. There are many photographers that will do the work but that isn’t really good enough when it comes to creating more than just a picture of a motorcycle.

Finding the ferocity and beauty of a motorcycle, bring out the true nature and substance, is as important to a private collector with some of the most rare and stunning motorcycles as it is to a high end dealership or restoration project. This is what is at the heart of motorcycle photography.

If you share the same desire, the same high standards and do not accept average quality then Lukasz may be the photographer you have been looking for. He does each photo shoot himself and never sub-contacts the shoots.

This isn’t a job for Lukasz, it is a passion – “The only way to do great work is to do what you love” -Steve Jobs-