Making Automotive Emotive

    Indians once believed a photograph could capture a person’s soul.
    That is what I do.
    I see the passion in the power, the personality in the profile, the desire that drives us to possession.
    It is never just a car or a motorcycle; it is a reflection of desire, of dreams.
    Capturing this is what I live for.

    Automotive Photography

    Lukasz Fojt, Owner and Automotive Photographer at Reflect Light, creates images that are at once emotive and stunning.

    Working with Commercial and Private clients, Lukasz is well known for his ability to bring forth the soul and personality within a photograph.
    Based in the UK, Lukasz specialises in high end commercial automotive car and motorcycle photography.

    His service is focused firmly on his clients’ automotive photography needs and of understanding their goals.

    Mainly working from recommendations through private collectors, commercial car and motorcycle clients and automotive magazines, he shoots many of the prestigious automotive brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Harley Davidson and Ducati.